Buzzword Consulting

Buzzword Consulting is an online communication consulting and digital marketing business that provides affordable rates to small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. Our services include consulting and PR, social media marketing, business logos and design, branding, virtual assistant projects, blogs, email newsletters and more! Get people buzzing about your business by hiring BuzzWord Consulting to initiate or improve your marketing strategy and help manage your online presence overall.

We understand that entrepreneurs and small business owners are very busy and often this area of a business plan is lacking. Effective digital marketing is one of best ways to grow a lasting and successful small business by attracting the right new customer base. Having a stronger communication strategy in place will also help keep your employees engaged and your existing customer base happy.

Your brand and business logo sends a strong message out to the world and it is critical that message be a positive one. Let us help you create and manage your brand, the marketing components of your business plan and a series of customized graphics for your social media profiles.

When you run your own business it is easy to slip into the mentality that you need to “do it all.” We get it! But it’s okay to get some quality support and take some of that pressure off of yourself so that you can be better, stronger and more focused on your daily tasks and customer needs.

Please contact us today and request a free quote, using the form on this page. We are focused on providing affordable services to small businesses like you and eager to help you grow and succeed.