#1 Most Important Thing To Do If You Want To Start Writing Or Blogging

Writer’s Block? Struggling where to start?
THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO if you want to start writing or blogging is much more elementary than you may think.
You don’t have to have a perfect outline, well-crafted arguments, or even all the facts.
You don’t have to have years of experience, take tons of classes, or read a million books on how to be a writer.
So, what do you need to do?
Trust the process, and trust yourself. The #1 most important thing to do is to just START WRITING.
Yep, thats it!
All good writers — all GREAT writers — start with humble beginnings, weak plots, even just completely terrible and embarrassing first drafts.
But the wonderful thing with a bad first draft, is that you have something down, something that you can move with, evolve from, and something to add and subtract from. 
If you want to write a story, a blog, or even write scripts for podcasts, ads and videos, you just have to apply these 3 steps.
1. Don’t over think it – just start writing. You can re-organize any sentence, paragraphs or pages later!
2. Try not to freak out and trust yourself. Self doubt is normal, but it should never keep you from getting your thoughts out of your head and into a first draft of any kind.
3. Trust the process. Get the words out. Fix it up, re-organize, add facts, details, and finally, fine tune.
A Fair Warning! Getting help from peers, friends and editors is all fine and dandy too, but be careful not to take anyone’s advice too personally, or too seriously. If you ask a million people to read your story, you might really get a million different forms of advice, good bad and ugly. Instead, enlist a few trusted individuals, or hire an affordable pro to take a peak. But no matter what, you have to trust yourself, your own words and stories above what others may advise.
So, just sit down and write. Write that first, possibly miserable, rough draft and clear the clutter, chaos and self doubt form your mind, in order to start getting things done.
We are all natural-born storytellers, and have a special gift to share with world. Don’t be afraid to share yours!
What are you waiting for? It’s time to get started!
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