What Kind of Social Media “Friend” Are You?

By Katya Juliet

Its not just a post. It’s a person…

When people like, share and comment on posts, it gains a wider audience. It enables communities to see and share more in a world of algorithm, where most posts are significantly suppressed from organic views. Anyone who has a business Page or has really tried to get an important message seen or heard understands this all too well.

Consistent interaction with your Facebook “friends” posts is really the purpose behind having a social network. Not “liking” something that you stopped to see or read is just your ego standing in the way of connecting with others.

I know people who actually withhold “likes” as if the content wasn’t worthy (even though they stopped to read and obviously had an interest) and others who have fear and anxiety about ever posting just because they are worried they won’t get any “likes.” Both of these scenarios are super sad to me.

Not “liking” posts often doesn’t make you cooler or more interesting. In fact, is the opposite. It’s boring. It’s selfish. When people like or share your posts, how does it make you feel? Consciously and/or subconsciously, receiving likes, shares and interaction in social media gives you a sense of belonging, satisfaction and confidence. Dont believe me? Just think of the opposite – have you ever posted something that got 0 or just maybe 1 or 2 likes. Or not that many birthday wishes this year compared to years past? If you stopped for a moment to process your emotions, you probably felt slightly invisible; less important and vulnerable in a not-so-good kind of way.


If you are “friends” with someone or “following” them, ENGAGE with them! Build together. Build each other UP together. Stop being a silent creepy stalker and click a few buttons once in awhile. Or better yet, click the Share button on something FOR a friend you love, because you know it will help them or make them happy, even if it’s not a personal top priority to you. Why not?? Make someone else’s message circulate. Make someone else’s day. Isn’t friendship, community and networking about interaction and connection?

I appreciate all my Facebook “friends” who contribute to our social world and I try consciously to “like” and interact more often than not. I’ll probably not stay “friends” with people who just silently stalk my info once in awhile or read it and simply scroll past. Because it actually becomes a silent barrier between us and leaves a false impression that we have a connection. But we really don’t.

Silence fuels more misunderstandings and disconnects community. You don’t have to agree with me, but as a communication major and someone who has always valued communication and friendship, it just seems important to call out. And whether you realize it and believe it or not, subconsciously when people do not get very many likes or interactions, or birthday wishes, for example, it does impact how they feel about themselves AND their friendships with others. There is silent resentment. Rejection. Frustration and inner confusion. All of it is brewing inside the person behind the browser. Because it’s not just a profile post, it’s a person, who is trying to communicate a message, share and feel the interaction and support of community around them.

In person, you are either someone who contributes and brings energy into a room or someone who sucks it out. The same is happening here online. I just don’t respect people anymore who are too afraid to interact with other people and if you don’t want to interact with them, don’t be their “fake” Facebook friend / stalker. Don’t be afraid to use your unfriend button either! Community, communication and connection are all crucial components in our human lives.

Like more. Love more! Love, sharing and helping others is what makes the world go round.


blackBLOGO-coral-grey-beigeFor additional support or consulting services, feel free to contact Katya Juliet through her business website, Buzzword-Consulting. Buzzword Consulting offers affordable digital marketing services, consulting, copywriting,  PR and Social Media Management for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs & non-profit Organizations.

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  1. Great post. If I have enjoyed reading something I like to stop by and comment or at least “like” the post. As a blogger, how do you know if you should keep writing about something if you don’t get any feedback?


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