Lost in Translation: Our Human Touch In Today’s Digital World

By Katya Juliet

In a sea of digital technology and mobile apps, are we missing vital opportunities to communicate with others in more meaningful ways?

Social media, text messages, email, dating apps, and other new communication tools being developed daily are all handy-dandy but when it comes to more meaningful relationships, digital forms of communication still lack the ability to convey critical elements, such as tone, expression and other non-verbal qualities including basic body language, energy and chemistry.

But what about emojis? Bitmojis, Gifs and Memes!? Yes, we have bridged some of the issue by implementing digital variations of emotional expressions, but it’s still lacking that genuine human experience of meeting with someone face-to-face. (Not to mention the confusion online with sarcasm, used often, which is extremely difficult to convey and/or receive without a high risk of potential misunderstanding).

Have you ever had an amazing connection with someone through email or online communication and then met them face-to-face and been totally turned off? (Online dating included) Yes – our digital world gives as most of what we need to stay in connection with others and even connect miraculously with others out of our area we otherwise may never have had the chance to meet (great opportunities!). BUT online interaction alone does not grant us the meaningful bonds and relationships our DNA craves to feel understood, loved and whole.


Communication is also more than words or conveying emotion. It is about sensations; appearance, physical touch, smell, a sense of Interconnectedness and visual understanding. When we engage with others in-person we take in so much more than words and tone, we receive each other in sound and energetic wavelengths, which is what gives us the ability to “vibe” off one another and experience chemistry.

When we communicate online, we are also using a different method to communicate – mostly written communication and use significantly less oral communication – which is detrimental to the practice of professional speaking and practicing our spoken and non-verbal interpersonal communications within important or intimate relationships.

I am a big advocate of online social networking,  promotion and marketing. But also feel the need to remind us all that there must be a strong balance of in-person engagements and live phone calls in order for us to remain effective communicators.

I truly believe people can lose touch with reality  if they spend too much time online – and run the risk of forgetting that behind the fancy profile and username – is in fact a living, breathing human being with an entire life, family, friends and raw emotion. Online interaction can benefit many people by giving them an outlet and boost of confidence to say or share more than they might otherwise feel comfortable to say in person, but the counter effect of that is also frightening, when people feel so far removed that they can bully others or say hurtful and horrible things with little to no regret.


Bottom line: Don’t get lost in cyberspace!  Enjoy and appreciate the abundant ways the online world and digital technology has enabled us to do more great things than ever imagined possible. But stay grounded and prioritize the beauty of our human touch when it comes to effective communication and relationship building.

Don’t wait for weeks and months to meet someone you’re interested in online, learn who they truly are as a person in real life.

Don’t just email or text your family to keep in touch, pick up the phone and hear each other’s voices and share stories and laughter together. Prioritize visiting together – life should never be so busy that we neglect spending time with those we love. Life is short.

Don’t just post articles about the upcoming election or any other controversial issues you feel passionate about – share your message with others face-to-face and help them understand your passion and why you feel the way you do. Be courageous.

Being human and our ability to connect and communicate is our gift! Let us never forget how important a gift it is and always continue to use it with great impact and intention.

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